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image of family going on holidayA huge plus that has come out of the depressed economy that has prevailed in South Africa for the past 7 years has been the stimulation to the local holiday rental market. Formidable dollar and pound/ rand exchange rate and a shortage of disposable cash combined with the general living stresses which make an annual holiday seem more urgent, has led to a huge increase in holiday rentals in coastal resorts.

And Cape St Francis has been no exception. A huge demand for accommodation has resulted in most properties being snapped up before July at increased  rentals per day. 2 rental sessions, one including Xmas and the other including New Year has meant that many property owners manage to easily secure 20 nights rental as opposed to the traditional 12 to 14 nights including both Xmas and New Year.

image 2 of family on holidayHowever it is not all plain sailing for these home owners with houses to rent. Tenants these days are paying ‘top dollar’ for rental accommodation and needless to say their list of “must-haves” has increased considerably since those good old days when some of us arrived here by opening at least 4 farm gates between Humansdorp and Cape St Francis. DSTV, DVD’s, substantial braai areas, good sea views, close walking distance to the main swimming beach, a change of linen, pet-friendly accommodation are close to the top of the list. A far cry from  the day when as a tenant I complained to the home owner of a mattress spring being exposed and making sleeping difficult to be told why did I not just turn the mattress over which I had already done, but it was as bad on the other side!

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