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Construction on the Sand River Bridge began in 2016 by a Cape Town Construction Company, EMPA Structures who were successful bidders in what is a R50m contract.

It is estimated that half of what will be the final width of the bridge to be built will be be open for use by the end of 2017. Construction will then continue into 2018 at which stage the additional width of the bridge will be constructed in the position of the now temporary causeway which has been operational for the past 3 years and which was erected after the final bridge wash away in 2012. As a final step, the water pipe, instrumental for bringing the water supply to the St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis area, will be attached to the side of the bridge.

You will remember that the Sand River Bridge was washed away three times during an 18 month period, the first time being in 2011. In 2012 a flooding of the river culminated with the entire original box culvert structure being washed away, thus isolating the residential communities from either side. Due to the severe destruction, the bridge could not be restored immediately and a decision was made to provide an informal temporary by-pass by way of a low level crossing as way of a contingency measure.

There then began a lengthy process during which the Environmental Impact Assessment was carried out. This was a complicated process due to the fact that the Sand River had had a history of problems which had then been exacerbated by construction in the area especially that of the Links Golf Course.

As specified as a condition in the original tender document, some local labour has been used during the construction process.

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