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Cape St Francis is situated at the most southern Cape in the Eastern Cape. It boasts with the Cape St Francis Light House, a National Monument, built in 1878 at Seal Point. The village was only proclaimed in 1965. Cape St Francis is a small coastal hamlet surrounded by nature reserves and a pristine 5km beach encompassed by 2 points, Shark Point and Seal Point, Seal Point being the third most southerly point in South Africa.

The climate is temperate and the prevailing wind ensures good surfing, which is why the famous surfing spot, “Seal Point” is here. The wild side is a magnificent rocky coastline where excellent fishing, rock pools and rock formations are to be found. Stretching inland are vast expanses of protected reserve through which many nature trails have been cut and offer delightful, non-strenuous walks. Cape St Francis comprises of a holiday resort, a comprehensive mini market, restaurants and pubs, a world class surf reef and point break. As this area falls within the Cape Floral Kingdom it provides excellent bird watching and gentle nature trails through the natural gardens.

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Are you looking for rental properties in Cape St Francis when you stay here? If so, then it would be helpful to know some facts and information about this place. Knowing something about a specific place will give you a deeper appreciation of the place. It will also make you aware of what to expect before you get there. Feel free to read on the following paragraphs below to know more about the stunning place that is Cape St Francis.

The original plans for Cape St Francis included very generous amounts of nature reserve and public open space. These areas cannot be developed and are the reason that Cape St Francis has maintained the very “un-built up” ambience which it has always had. These areas need not cause concern for potential buyers are potential “squatter areas”. These undeveloped green areas are very controlled, protected and are a jealousy guarded part of Cape St Francis. It is the intention of the Cape St Francis Civic Association that all these areas of public open space should receive “Nature Reserve” status. Permission for this has been granted and it is now the lengthy process of government gazetting that needs to take place. Cape St Francis will then be a very unique village surrounded on all sides by Nature Reserve. The motto of Cape St Francis which is an accurate reflection of the how the residents view their village, is, “Keep it Green, Keep it Clean , Keep it Small.” The permanent resident population at Cape St Francis is about 560 of whom at least half are retired. This however is slowly changing as young families, tired of city violence are choosing to make this their permanent home even if it involves commuting to places of work.