This association aims to represent the interest of both property owners and those who rent property in Cape St Francis. Like most resident associations, the CSFCA is  a voluntary group of people who are given the task of ensuring that the motto of this small village, “Keep it Green, Keep it Clean, Keep it Small”, is promoted as much as possible. Considering that over 90% of property owners in this town do not live in CSF permanently, the importance of an association that can be ‘an ear to the ground’ with regard to any issues  affecting owner’s investments, is increased.

The CSFCA concerns itself with issues such as Muncipal delivery [refuse collection, water/ electricity supply], maintenance of the village over and above that undertaken by the municipality, projects to upgrade village facilities, one-off pertinent issues such as the proposed nuclear power station at Thyspunt, the development of the Rocky Coast Farm, Spatial Development plans for the area. Having no real executive power, the CSFCA operates In a ‘watchdog’ capacity.

The CSFCA is totally dependent on membership subscriptions, donations and money derived from fund raising to carry out the work that is done. For more information contact the CSFCA on

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