It has been said that the climate along this part of the cost is the most condusive to human habitation of all climates. It is a temperate climate and results in moderate weather patterns… rarely dropping below 10 degrees in winter and seldom rising above 29 degrees in summer. There is traditionally little humidity although in recent years, there has been some increase in this.. Wind is obviously a very regular factor  and one that is very typical of the peninsular type position held by Cape St Francis.

The prevailing wind in Cape St Francis is a Westerly/ off -shore wind which blows from the Cape Town direction along the Wild Side and across the land area. This is the wind that brings the rideable waves to the point area. Rain generally comes from this direction and is experienced in both summer and winter although recently there is a marked lack of any rain leading to severe drought conditions. Winds which blow straight off the sea and on to the land are the on-shore or the Easterly winds and these tend to blow from November to March. When building many people plan their houses to take into account the need for two outside areas, one for when the Easterly is blowing and another for the westerly days. It is also wise to limit the size and number of windows on the side of the house which gets the full impact of the westerly wind and the driving rain.